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Military Wars Warfare: A Review of the Most Popular Online FPS Game

Military Wars Warfare: A Guide for Beginners

Are you looking for a new and exciting online multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) game to play? Do you want to test your skills and reflexes against other players from around the world? If so, you should check out Military Wars Warfare, a free browser game that offers a variety of game modes, weapons, and maps to choose from. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the game, some tips and tricks to improve your performance, and some reasons why you should play Military Wars Warfare today.

military wars warfare

What is Military Wars Warfare?

Military Wars Warfare is a 3D FPS game developed by Admir Ajdarpasic. It was released in November 2017 and uses HTML5 technology to run smoothly on any browser. The game features realistic graphics, sound effects, and physics that create an immersive gaming experience. You can play as either Delta or Recon, two rival military factions that are fighting for control of different territories. You can also choose from a range of weapons, such as machine guns, shotguns, pistols, and sniper rifles, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

A brief introduction to the game and its features

The game is easy to play and requires only a few basic controls. You can use WASD or arrow keys to move, left click to shoot, E to pick up weapons, R to reload, C to crouch, and Shift to run. You can also use the mouse to aim and look around. The game has a simple user interface that shows your health, ammo, score, time, map, and chat. You can also access the menu by pressing Esc or P.

The different game modes and how to play them

The game offers four different game modes that you can join or create. Each mode has its own rules and objectives that you need to follow in order to win. Here are the descriptions of each mode:

  • Team Deathmatch: This is the classic mode where two teams compete to get the most kills within a time limit. You can respawn after dying and switch weapons during the game. The team with the highest score at the end wins.

  • Capture the Flag: This is a mode where two teams try to capture each other's flag and bring it back to their base. You need to work together with your teammates to defend your flag and attack the enemy's flag. You can also kill enemies along the way to reduce their numbers. The team that captures the most flags within a time limit wins.

  • Free-for-All: This is a mode where every player is on their own and tries to get the most kills within a time limit. You can use any weapon you find on the map and respawn after dying. There are no teams or allies in this mode, so watch your back. The player with the highest score at the end wins.

  • Control Points: This is a mode where two teams try to capture and hold certain points on the map. You need to stand near a point for a few seconds to capture it and prevent enemies from doing the same. You can also kill enemies near the points to clear them out. The team that controls more points within a time limit wins.

The best weapons and strategies for each mode

The game has a variety of weapons that you can use depending on your preference and situation. Each weapon has its own stats, such as damage, accuracy, fire rate, recoil, and magazine size. You can also switch between single and burst fire modes by pressing B. Here are some of the best weapons and strategies for each mode:




Team Deathmatch


This is a powerful and reliable assault rifle that can deal high damage at medium to long range. It has a good fire rate and accuracy, but also a high recoil. You can use it to engage enemies from a distance and support your teammates. Aim for the head and chest for maximum damage.

Capture the Flag


This is a fast and agile submachine gun that can deal moderate damage at close to medium range. It has a high fire rate and low recoil, but also a low accuracy and magazine size. You can use it to rush the enemy's flag and escape quickly. Aim for the legs and torso for maximum damage.



This is a balanced and versatile assault rifle that can deal decent damage at any range. It has a moderate fire rate and accuracy, but also a moderate recoil and magazine size. You can use it to adapt to any situation and fight against any enemy. Aim for the center of mass for maximum damage.

Control Points


This is a deadly and devastating shotgun that can deal massive damage at close range. It has a low fire rate and accuracy, but also a low recoil and magazine size. You can use it to clear out enemies near the points and defend them from attackers. Aim for the neck and head for maximum damage.

How to improve your skills and rank up in Military Wars Warfare?

If you want to become a better player and climb the ranks in Military Wars Warfare, you need to practice and learn from your mistakes. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your skills and rank up faster:

Tips and tricks for aiming, shooting, and moving

  • Aiming: To improve your aiming, you need to adjust your mouse sensitivity, crosshair, and field of view settings to suit your preference. You also need to practice your flicks, tracking, and recoil control on different targets. You can use the training mode or custom games to practice your aiming skills.

  • Shooting: To improve your shooting, you need to know when to fire, reload, and switch weapons. You also need to know how to use different fire modes, such as single, burst, or full auto. You can use the sound cues, bullet tracers, and hit markers to judge your shots. You also need to aim for the weak spots of your enemies, such as the head, chest, or legs.

  • Moving: To improve your moving, you need to know how to use the WASD or arrow keys, Shift, C, and E keys effectively. You also need to know how to strafe, jump, crouch, slide, and roll to dodge bullets and surprise enemies. You can use the map, cover, and terrain to move around safely and strategically.

How to use the map, cover, and teamwork to your advantage

  • Map: To use the map effectively, you need to know the layout, spawn points, objectives, weapons, and items of each map. You also need to know how to read the mini-map, which shows your location, teammates, enemies, flags, points, and other information. You can use the map to plan your routes, flank enemies, avoid ambushes, and coordinate with your team.

  • Cover: To use cover effectively, you need to know how to position yourself behind walls, crates, cars, trees, or other objects that can block bullets. You also need to know how to peek out of cover safely and quickly by using Q or E keys or leaning with A or D keys. You can use cover to hide from enemies, reload your weapon, heal yourself, or wait for backup.

  • Teamwork: To use teamwork effectively, you need to know how to communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with your teammates. You also need to know how to play your role, whether it is assault, support, sniper, or medic. You can use the chat, voice, or ping system to communicate with your team. You can also use the scoreboard, kill feed, and death cam to monitor your team's performance. You can use teamwork to capture objectives, support each other, share information, and win the game.

How to customize your loadout and character

The game allows you to customize your loadout and character to suit your playstyle and preference. You can access the customization menu by clicking on the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

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