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Download Nations of Darkness APK and Lead Your Faction to Victory

Nations of Darkness APK: A Fantasy Strategy Game for Android Devices

If you are looking for a new and exciting fantasy strategy game to play on your Android device, you might want to check out Nations of Darkness APK. This game will take you to a dark and mysterious world where four factions are fighting for supremacy. You will have to choose your side, build your city, recruit heroes, and battle against other players in this epic game.

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What is Nations of Darkness APK?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Nations of Darkness APK is a real-time strategy game developed by StarFortune. It was released in April 2022 and has gained over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. The game features:

  • 4 fantasy factions (vampires, werewolves, hunters, or mages) with different strengths and weaknesses

  • Over 60 heroes with unique abilities and skills

  • A city-building system where you can manage your resources and construct buildings

  • A hero team system where you can strategize and form teams based on your heroes' attributes

  • A sandbox strategy system where you can ally or betray other players in a dynamic world map

  • An online customer service that will help you with any questions or issues

How to download and install the game on your Android device

To download and install Nations of Darkness APK on your Android device, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to [1]( or [2]( and click on the download button

  • Wait for the APK file to be downloaded on your device

  • Open the APK file and tap on install (you may need to enable unknown sources in your settings)

  • Wait for the installation to be completed

  • Launch the game and enjoy

How to Play Nations of Darkness APK?

Choose your faction and leader from four fantasy races

The first thing you need to do when you start playing Nations of Darkness APK is to choose your faction and leader. You can choose from four fantasy races:

<ul - Vampires: The bloodthirsty rulers of the night. They have high attack and speed, but low defense and health. Their leader is Vlad, the immortal king of vampires. - Werewolves: The savage beasts of the moon. They have high health and defense, but low attack and speed. Their leader is Fenrir, the alpha of the pack. - Hunters: The human warriors of the light. They have balanced stats and can use various weapons and gadgets. Their leader is Van Helsing, the legendary hunter. - Mages: The arcane masters of the elements. They have high magic and intelligence, but low physical and resistance. Their leader is Merlin, the greatest wizard of all time. You can switch your faction and leader once every 24 hours, but you will lose some progress and resources. Choose wisely and according to your play style. Develop your city and build up your power

After choosing your faction and leader, you will have to develop your city and build up your power. Your city is where you can manage your resources, construct buildings, research technologies, train troops, and more. You can also customize your city's appearance with different themes and decorations.

Some of the buildings you can construct in your city are:




The main building of your city. It determines your city level and unlocks other buildings.


The place where you can train infantry units.

Archery Range

The place where you can train ranged units.


The place where you can train cavalry units.


The place where you can train siege units.


The place where you can research various technologies to improve your city and troops.


The place where you can heal your wounded troops.


The place where you can store your resources and protect them from being plundered by enemies.


The place where you can trade resources with other players or buy items with diamonds.


The place where you can receive reinforcements and help from your allies.

Rally Point

The place where you can launch rallies to attack enemies or monsters.


The place where you can execute captured enemy leaders and gain buffs for your city.


The place where you can display your leader's portrait and title.

You can upgrade your buildings to increase their functions and benefits. You will also need to gather resources from the world map or plunder them from other players to support your city's development.

Form hero teams and face endless trials

Another important aspect of Nations of Darkness APK is the hero system. You can recruit over 60 heroes from different factions and backgrounds. Each hero has a unique ability and skill that can be activated in battle. You can also equip your heroes with gear and artifacts to enhance their stats and effects.

You can form hero teams of up to five members based on your heroes' attributes and synergies. You can use your hero teams to face various trials and challenges, such as:

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<ul - Dungeon: A series of floors where you can fight enemies and bosses for rewards and hero shards. - Arena: A PvP mode where you can challenge other players and rank up for glory and prizes. - Expedition: A PvE mode where you can explore different regions and encounter various events and enemies. - Trial: A special mode where you can test your hero teams against different scenarios and conditions. - Tower: A high-level mode where you can climb the tower and face powerful enemies and traps. You can also use your hero teams to assist your troops in battles against other players or monsters on the world map. Your heroes can provide buffs, debuffs, damage, healing, and more to your troops. Join alliances and clash with other players

Nations of Darkness APK is not a game that you can play alone. You will need to join an alliance and cooperate with other players to survive and thrive in this dark world. You can join an existing alliance or create your own one. You can also invite your friends to play with you.

By joining an alliance, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Receiving help and reinforcements from your allies

  • Sharing resources and information with your allies

  • Participating in alliance events and quests for rewards

  • Competing in alliance wars and tournaments for glory and prizes

  • Accessing alliance territories and buildings for bonuses

However, joining an alliance also means that you will have to face other alliances that may be hostile or rival to you. You will have to defend your city and alliance from enemy attacks, as well as launch attacks on enemy cities and alliances. You will also have to contend with monsters, rebels, and other threats on the world map.

The world of Nations of Darkness APK is a sandbox strategy system where anything can happen. You can ally or betray other players, form coalitions or break them, wage wars or make peace. The choice is yours, but remember that every action has a consequence.

Tips and Tricks to Playing Nations of Darkness APK

Make use of speedups to skip countdown timers

One of the most common frustrations in playing Nations of Darkness APK is the countdown timers. Whether it is for building, researching, training, healing, or marching, you will have to wait for a certain amount of time before you can complete the task. This can slow down your progress and limit your actions.

Fortunately, there is a way to skip the countdown timers: speedups. Speedups are items that can reduce the time required for a task by a certain percentage or amount. You can obtain speedups from various sources, such as:

<ul - Speedups: Items that can reduce the time required for a task by a certain perce


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