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Arthdal Chronicles Episode 8 English Subtitle: Tanya's Dilemma and Saya's Identity

Arthdal Chronicles Season 1 Episode 8: The Children of Prophecy

Arthdal Chronicles is a Korean fantasy drama that tells the story of a mythical land called Arthdal, where different tribes and races struggle for power and survival. The drama follows three main characters: Eunseom, a half-human half-neanthal who has a fate to bring disaster to Arthdal; Tanya, a Wahan tribe leader who has a fate to become the priestess of Arthdal; and Tagon, a charismatic warrior who has a fate to become the king of Arthdal.

In this episode, we see how Tagon consolidates his power as the new union leader of Arthdal, while Eunseom tries to save his people from slavery. We also see how Tanya gets involved in the schemes of Taealha and Saya, who have their own agendas and secrets. The episode also reveals some mysteries and prophecies that connect the three main characters.

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The episode begins with Saya confessing to Taealha that he poisoned Danbyeok, her brother and Tagon's rival for the union leadership. He says that he did it to avenge Saenarae, his lover who was killed by Taealha's order. He also says that he wants to help Taealha get revenge on her father, Mihol, who ordered the massacre of the Neanthals. Taealha agrees to work with Saya, but she also tells him to call her "mother" from now on.

Tagon becomes the new union leader of Arthdal after staging a fake execution of Eunseom, who is actually alive and hiding with some Wahan tribe members. He also appoints Asa Ron as his minister, despite knowing that he is his enemy. He tells Asa Ron that he will marry an Asa woman to fulfill the prophecy of Aramun Haesulla, but he secretly plans to kill Asa Ron later.

Tanya is given a mission by Taealha to spy on Saya, who is Tagon's son and Eunseom's twin brother. She also learns that Saya and Eunseom share dreams and have a mysterious connection. She follows Saya to a secret passage, where she reunites with her father, Yeol Son, who is working as a scribe for Tagon. She also has a vision of a blue star that signifies a prophecy.

Eunseom and his allies plan to rescue the Wahan tribe from slavery. They ambush the soldiers who are transporting them across a frozen lake They manage to free some of the Wahan tribe members, but they are also attacked by the Daekan forces. Eunseom fights bravely, but he is wounded by an arrow. He falls into the lake and is presumed dead by his enemies. However, he is rescued by a mysterious woman who calls herself Nunbyeol.

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The episode showcases the complexity and depth of the characters, as they face different challenges and dilemmas. Saya is a fascinating character, who is both cunning and vulnerable. He has a dark past and a twisted sense of justice, but he also longs for love and acceptance. He is loyal to Tagon, but he also has his own agenda. He is drawn to Tanya, but he also fears her.

Taealha is another intriguing character, who is both ambitious and compassionate. She is ruthless and manipulative, but she also cares for her brother and Saya. She is willing to betray her father and Tagon, but she also respects them. She is curious about Tanya, but she also sees her as a threat.

Tagon is a charismatic leader, who is both visionary and pragmatic. He has a grand plan to unite Arthdal, but he also knows how to deal with his enemies. He is confident and charismatic, but he also hides his emotions. He is proud of his son, but he also keeps him at a distance.

Tanya is a brave heroine, who is both innocent and wise. She has a fate to become the priestess of Arthdal, but she also wants to save her people. She is naive and trusting, but she also has a sharp intuition. She is attracted to Saya, but she also misses Eunseom.

Eunseom is a heroic protagonist, who is both strong and gentle. He has a fate to bring disaster to Arthdal, but he also wants to bring peace. He is courageous and loyal, but he also suffers from loneliness. He loves Tanya, but he also feels a connection with Nunbyeol.


The episode delivers a thrilling and engaging story that keeps the viewers hooked. The story has a fast pace and a smooth flow, with no dull moments or filler scenes. The story has many twists and turns that surprise and shock the viewers, such as Saya's confession, Tagon's deception, Tanya's vision, and Eunseom's rescue. The story also has many emotional moments that touch the viewers' hearts, such as Saya's flashback, Taealha's tears, Tanya's reunion, and Eunseom's farewell.

The story also has a high level of creativity and originality, as it explores a unique world of fantasy and history. The story blends elements of ancient Korean culture and mythology with elements of science fiction and fantasy. The story creates a rich and immersive world that captivates the viewers' imagination.


The episode conveys some profound themes and messages that resonate with the viewers. Some of the themes are:

  • Fate vs free will: The episode shows how the characters are influenced by their fates, but also how they try to change them or defy them.

  • Power vs love: The episode shows how the characters are driven by their desire for power or love, but also how they balance them or sacrifice them.

  • Identity vs belonging: The episode shows how the characters struggle with their identities or their sense of belonging, but also how they find them or accept them.

  • Revenge vs forgiveness: The episode shows how the characters seek revenge or forgiveness, but also how they cope with them or regret them.

  • Dreams vs reality: The episode shows how the characters share dreams or face reality, but also how they interpret them or influence them.


In conclusion, Arthdal Chronicles Season 1 Episode 8 is an excellent episode that delivers an exciting and captivating story with complex and compelling characters. The episode also conveys some meaningful themes and messages that make the viewers think and feel. The episode leaves the viewers wanting more and eager to watch the next episode.


  • What is the name of the song that plays at the end of the episode?

The song is called "Dream" by Elaine.

  • What is the meaning of the blue star that Tanya sees in her vision?

The blue star is a symbol of Aramun Haesulla, the god of Arthdal.

  • Who is Nunbyeol, the woman who rescues Eunseom from the lake?

Nunbyeol is a mysterious woman who claims to be a descendant of the Neanthals. She has a special ability to control water.

  • Why does Saya call Taealha "mother"?

Saya calls Taealha "mother" because she is the one who raised him and taught him everything. He also wants to please her and gain her affection.

  • How does Tagon fake Eunseom's execution?

Tagon fakes Eunseom's execution by using a body double and a fake sword. He also makes sure that no one sees Eunseom's face or hears his voice.

  • What is the prophecy of Aramun Haesulla?

The prophecy of Aramun Haesulla is a legend that says that a savior will come to Arthdal and unite all the tribes under one banner. The savior will be born from an Asa woman and have the blood of Aramun Haesulla.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new about Arthdal Chronicles Season 1 Episode 8. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Thank you for your time and attention.


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